Teeth Whitening in Ewell

Boost your confidence with teeth whitening treatments for a brighter and whiter smile.

What is Teeth Whitening?

Whitening your teeth is one of the most effective ways to elevate the appearance of your smile. Tooth whitening, or teeth bleaching, is a fantastic way to revitalise your smile and remove stains caused by food, tea, coffee, red wine, or smoking. Our teeth are porous and will naturally darken or get discoloured over time. Teeth whitening treatments reverse the effects by using special gels to remove stains and pigments from the enamel. The process is safe, simple and makes patients feel happier about their teeth.

What to Expect from Teeth Whitening

A popular cosmetic treatment, whitening is highly effective at lightening the natural surface colour of the tooth. Our team at The Parade Dental Practice will examine your teeth and discuss your options to ensure whitening is the best solution for your teeth. Impressions are made to create custom trays that fit perfectly around your teeth. Depending on the treatment plan, the dentist will show you how to apply the whitening gel so you can continue the process at home.

The two main types of teeth whitening at our practice in Ewell are:


We offer a deep bleaching tooth method by Enlighten, designed to improve the colour of your teeth to their lightest shade. The treatment involves a two-week home treatment followed by an appointment with a dentist.


Opalescence is a professional teeth whitening product to transform the colour of your teeth in two weeks following the proper at-home care. Other kits and products like whitening toothpaste are also available.

All teeth whitening treatments aim to boost your self-esteem and visibly improve your smile for a natural, brighter, and younger appearance. Talk to your dentist about your options and the ideal plan for you and your teeth.

The Benefits of Teeth Whitening

Cosmetic dental may seem like an investment, but the long-term benefits and results have proven to be worthwhile for many patients. If you’re unhappy or embarrassed about the appearance of your teeth, teeth whitening is a fast and simple way to dramatically improve your smile.

Other benefits of getting dental whitening treatment include:

If you’re hesitant about teeth whitening services, reach out to our enthusiastic team to discuss alternative treatment options for your oral health needs.

Lighten Your Teeth for a Brighter Smile

Compared to other cosmetic dentistry treatments, teeth whitening is an incredibly safe and fast solution to transform your smile. If you’re looking for an affordable way to lighten and care for your smile, contact our team for a consultation.

What Causes Discoloured Teeth?

Teeth discolouration can happen from stains like extrinsic causes (outside the tooth) or intrinsic causes (inside the tooth). Extrinsic stains develop from substances on the tooth’s surface that build up over time. Stains originating from inside the tooth structure are called intrinsic stains. Many factors contribute to the colour alteration, including:

Is Teeth Whitening Safe?

When treated by a dental health professional, the teeth whitening process is very safe. Applying the bleaching gel is quick and easy when using the custom-made trays. The trays fit comfortably around the teeth and gums to ensure the gel stays on the tooth. Irritation or discomfort may occur when the bleaching gel contacts the gums.

At The Parade Dental Practice, we’re proud to offer our patients reliable and effective teeth whitening solutions. Our tooth whitening products are safe and comply with current dental standards.